Bugs, weeds and fires beware.


Where innovation is nothing new.

Lots of folks in the ag aviation business toss around words like “new” and “better”. But the fact is, no one but Thrush spends as much time or money on finding innovative ways to make our aircraft safer and more productive for our customers. We've been doing it for years-and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Bugs, weeds and fires beware.

Bugs, weeds and fires beware.

Bugs, weeds and fires beware.

Bugs, weeds and fires beware.

No matter what job you’re taking to the air to do today, you'll want to be in a Thrush. Our agricultural aircraft are designed with pilots in mind and a keen eye to what will make your life easier and your job more successful. We fly circles around the competition and leave them in the proverbial dust.  We’re like you – hard working, dedicated, up before sunrise and still at it long after other folks have called it a day. We offer unparalleled response times, personal service and a highly trained team of engineers and technical representatives. When your work as a crop duster is in the cockpit of a Thrush, It’s going to be a good day at the office.

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