Thrush offers a range of aerial application aircraft to fit any size and type of operation. With hopper capacities ranging from 400 to 710 gallons, each of our models provides superb visibility, light control surfaces, unbeatable speed, and maneuverability. We're known for structural durability and excellent performance under the most extreme conditions and our aircraft are flying today in more than 80 countries. Come takeoff with us, and you'll see your business do the same.


Powered by the legendary PT6A-34AG, flat rated to 750 SHP, the Thrush 510P delivers exceptional power for takeoff and climb, carries maximum loads and delivers superior spray patterns.



Features the GE Aviation H80 engine. This takes the 510 Thrush model to new levels of performance with a power output of 800 SHP up to 97º F, increased SHP, lighter airframe and low acquisition cost.




This Turbo Thrush has set the standard in the ag aviation industry for tough dependability, rugged construction, simplified systems and low maintenance. It'll fly you well into the 21st century



This is the world's most powerful ag plane, with one of the best swath and spray patterns available today. And like all Thrush airplanes, it boasts incredibly stable flight characteristics with performance to match.



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