The most dramatic innovation in agricultural aviation since the turbine engine could very well be the Thrush 510G. We’ve teamed exclusively with GE to produce this new-generation aircraft powered by the GE H80 turbine engine. The H80 provides increased temperature margins to enhance hot-day takeoff performance and high-altitude cruise speeds. This takes the 510G model to new levels of performance with a power output of 800 SHP above 100º F, increased SHP, lighter airframe, not to mention a low acquisition cost. And, like all Thrush aircraft, the 510G delivers plenty of thrust for full payload performance without sacrificing one bit of its amazingly agile handling.


  • Unmatched stability and control
  • 365 square feet of wing area
  • Wire strike protection is standard
  • MVP-50T glass panel cockpit display
  • Powder-coated airframe, engine mount and landing gears
  • 60,000 hour wing spar life
  • Enhanced baggage compartment
  • Newly designed engine mount
  • Quick Engine Change Assembly
  • Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins
  • Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part
  • Premium purchases parts
  • Best warranty in the business, 1 year on all Thrush manufactured parts
• Length 33 feet 11 inches 10.35 meters
• Height 9 feet 6 inches 2.92 meters
• Wing Span 47 feet 6 inches 14.47 meters
• Wing Area 365 square feet 33.9 square meters
• Tread Width 9 feet 2.74 meters
• Fuel Capacity 228 gallons 863 liters
• Empty Weight 4,800 pounds 2,177 kilograms
• Typical Operating Weight 10,500 pounds 4,763 kilograms
• Hopper Capacity (Dry) 66 cubic feet 1.93 cubic meters
• Hopper Capacity  
  (Liquid spray system)
510 gallons 1930 liters
• Working Speeds 90-150 mph 145-241 kph
• Stall Speed as Usually Landed 55 mph 89 kph
• Never Exceed Speed 188 mph 303 kph
• Sea Level Rate of Climb at 6,000 lbs 1,400 fpm 426.7 mpm
• Sea Level Rate of Climb at 10,500 lbs 680 fpm 207.3 mpm
• Take-Off Distance at 10,500 lbs 1,500 feet 457 meters
• Landing Distance as Usually Landed 550 feet 167.6 meters
• Landing Distance as Usually Landed
350 feet 106.7 meters
• Fuel Consumption 45-60 gph 170-227 lph
• Cruising Speed at 55% Power 159 mph 256 kph
• Ferry Range at 45% power a
  135 mph at 7,500 feet
800 miles 1,287 kilometers

Note: These performance numbers are preliminary in nature and are subject to change. Please call Thrush Aircraft or visit us online for the very latest specifications on the 510G.

Standard Equipment

Equipped with a new GE H80 (800 SHP) turboprop engine; Hartzell 102-inch diameter, four-blade, reversible, constant-speed propeller; 510-gallon spray system with 41-inch stainless steel gatebox for dry applications (seeding and fertilizer) and emergency liquid dump capabilities; MVP-50T glass panel display, PPG paint; two-inch stainless steel spray system; five-blade Weath-Aero cockpit adjustable pump fan; three-inch side loader; streamlined aluminum booms; wingtip navigation and strobe lights; cockpit lighting; 228-gallon fuel system; windshield wiper and washer; Hooker Harnesses; 29-inch-high flotation tires and wheels with dual-caliper Cleveland brakes; and Zee air conditioner and cabin heat.

Contact a Sales Rep

  • The Thrush 510G is available with the following optional airframe equipment installed at the factory: Dual cockpit, dual control instrument panel with an observer’s seat, vortex generators, bubble windows, fire extinguisher, single-point refueling, and a ferry fuel system.
  • The following dispersal equipment are also available as options: Smoker, stainless steel spreader, Transland hydraulic fire gatebox, electric fan brake 111F, hopper rinse system, stainless steel booms, hopper level indicator, and CP nozzles.
  • And, every 510G has the following optional instruments, electrical, and avionics installations available as well: Left and right wing landing lights, night working light, leading edge light, clock, map light, turn & bank indicator, vertical speed indicator, directional gyro, artificial horizon, laser altimeter, transponder with blind encoder, high frequency radio, and emergency locator transmitter. Also available are Garmin GPS/VHF/650 Comm, and Garmin Nav/Comm radios.