Thrush 510G Awarded FAA Type Certification

2012-10-11 09:29:04


First ever GE-powered agricultural aircraft now ready for delivery

(Albany, GA) – Thrush Aircraft announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration had issued Type Certification for the new Thrush 510G. This is a major milestone for both Thrush and GE Aviation, as the 510G features the new GE H80 turboprop engine – a first for general aviation.

Certification was awarded following completion of final flight tests and paperwork review at the company’s plant in Albany, Georgia and it marks the culmination of more than two year’s work by both Thrush and GE Aviation in concert with the FAA’s regional office in Atlanta.

The aircraft has been highly anticipated by the agricultural aviation industry and,

with Type Certification work now complete, deliveries of the new Thrush 510G to customers both here in the United States and around the world have begun. Final certification work for the dual cockpit version of the 510G will also get underway shortly. Both the single and the dual cockpit versions of the new aircraft are expected to be extremely popular among agricultural operators, and Thrush is gearing up their production planning accordingly.

The GE H80 turboprop engine that powers the Thrush 510G has been one of the most talked about new powerplants in the industry. Initially based upon the well known Walter M601 engine, the new H80 represents a complete re-think by GE Aviation that resulted in a free-turbine design that is lighter, more powerful, and more fuel efficient than competitive engines. In addition, the H80 has the ability to produce its full-rated 800 shp at high altitudes and field elevations, even on the hottest of days. Plus, the H80 requires no hot section inspection, and has a TBO of 3,600 hours. Combined with the legendary Thrush 510 airframe and GE Aviation’s global support network, it makes for a very competitive workhorse of an airplane.

“This is a very big day for both Thrush and for GE Aviation” said Payne Hughes, president of Thrush Aircraft. “Most important of all, it represents a huge accomplishment for our employees, who have worked long and hard to earn this certificate. Hat’s off to everyone here – and hat’s off to the folks at GE Aviation as well, for a job well done. We’re going to celebrate for a day or so, then get back to work – as we’ve got a heck of lot of airplanes to deliver!”

New Thrush 510G’s that have been completed and ready for delivery once certification was received are now being placed in the hands of their owners, and

are expected to be at work over fields around the world in just a matter of days. “Agriculture doesn’t wait or slow down, ever,” said Mr. Hughes, “and going to work is what these airplanes are all meant to do. It’s great to see them leaving the factory today, and knowing that they’ll be earning their keep day-in and day-out right away” he continued.

The Thrush 510G has a hopper capacity of 510 gallons and a gross weight of 10,500 pounds. In addition, the 510G is some 300 pounds lighter than its sister ship – the legendary Thrush 510P. The 510G also carries a new fuel pump system and a new solid state GCU electrical system as well. With GE’s new H80 engine up front, the 510G is expected to bring a higher level of performance to agricultural operations – from enhanced hot and high capabilities, to higher cruise speeds, improved reliability, and increased fuel efficiency over other aircraft in the category.

Like all Thrush aircraft, the new 510G features a tubular steel fuselage and cockpit roll cage, removable fuselage skins, and chromate treated aluminum surfaces for corrosion prevention – all designed to maximize pilot safety, reduce maintenance, and enhance aircraft productivity.