Thrush 510G Wins Canadian Certification

2014-02-21 09:13:24


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(Albany, GA) –Thrush Aircraft announced this week that Transport Canada, the Canadian civil aviation authority, has issued full type certification for the new Thrush 510G, which is powered by the new GE H80 turboprop engine. This latest approval comes hot on the heels of certification of the aircraft in Argentina and Brazil last year, and serves as an excellent indicator of the airplane’s amazing market reception following its initial certification in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in October 2012.

The Canadian certification process began some thirteen months ago, shortly after FAA certification was received, and it was concluded this week at Transport Canada’s offices in Ottawa to an enthusiastic reception. The certification includes both the single and the dual-cockpit versions of the Thrush 510G.

“Our Canadian customers have been very anxious to put the 510G to work over Canada’s farm fields as soon as possible” said Payne Hughes, president of Thrush Aircraft, “and the folks at Transport Canada have been simply great to work with in helping that happen as soon as it could” he continued. “They have also been extremely thorough in their evaluation process, and I’m very proud to have our airplanes carry their seal of approval.”

The Thrush 510G was launched in the U.S. with a record-setting ceremony following FAA certification – during which time no less than five aircraft were delivered to their new owners on the very same day – as following initial flight tests, news of the aircraft’s amazing capabilities spread quickly in the agricultural aviation community. Since those first five deliveries, demand for the 510G has continued unabated and, last year, Thrush quickly sold out of its entire year’s production of the 510G, making it one of the most successful new product introductions in the history of the company.

The dual-cockpit version of the 510G was next to be built, and it was awarded FAA certification in July of 2013. The specifications and flight characteristics of the dual cockpit 510G are virtually identical to the single-cockpit version – but it has the added ability to carry up to 200 lbs. of cargo, equipment, or even an additional pilot or observer in the rear seat. The aft cockpit of the dual cockpit 510G can be equipped with full flight controls and avionics, as well.

Thrush sales in Canada are overseen by their dealer, Yorkton Aircraft in Saskatchewan. Business Manager Cheryl Denesowych reports inquiries about the new airplane have been greater than anticipated, as the new Thrush 510G is expected to set the bar significantly higher for agricultural aircraft in the region, thanks to its revolutionary new GE H80 turbine engine – coupled with the excellent flight characteristics and legendary durability all Thrush aircraft have become well known for in the region.

Caption for attached photo:

Oh Canada! With full certification from Transport Canada secured in February 2014, both the single-cockpit and the dual-cockpit Thrush 510G are expected to soon become a frequent sight to farmers across the country as the airplanes get down to work in the region.

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