Better training. Smarter mechanics. Safer pilots.


No one knows more about helping your mechanics and pilots to know more about our aircraft than the training team at Thrush. They’ll provide hands-on training in our specially designed facility. So whether your pilots are taking delivery of their first Thrush or you’re sending new technicians to our facility to learn how to service an existing fleet, the result will be smarter mechanics and safer pilots.

Courses Available

Advanced Simulator Training

At our Training Center in Albany, Georgia we operate the newest and most advanced flight simulator in agricultural aviation – the Thrush 510AS. This course allows you and your instructor to practice normal procedures as well as numerous in-flight and ground emergencies – while learning the proper ways to deal with them. As well as how to get the most out of your onboard systems – from navigation to engine management. And all without any risk to you or your aircraft. We highly recommend this course for pilots transitioning into a Thrush.

Airframe & Maintenance Training

This course is designed specifically to help your team learn how to keep your Thrush Aircraft in peak operating condition. We teach engineers and technicians to perform scheduled maintenance, make repairs, and complete inspections. And we place special emphasis on preventive maintenance to keep your airplane running right, and repairs to a minimum.

Course includes:

This class covers detailed instructions on how the aircraft structure works, how the systems are connected, how to remove and install optional equipment, and how to troubleshoot the aircraft’s systems and structure, as well as how to conduct inspections and perform scheduled maintenance. Every course is tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Flight Training

Our training for agricultural pilots is smart, thorough and focused on safety. We can provide customized transitional or re-currency training from instructors with many years of experience, whether at the factory with a new dual cockpit, dual control Thrush, or in your aircraft in your own operation. You learn from the best when you train at Thrush

A thorough pilot checkout with every new airplane

Thrush airplane customers are provided a full pilot checkout with every new aircraft purchase. This entails a thorough review of the flight manual and other pertinent documents, including aircraft limitations, procedures and performance. Pilots are also provided with thorough walk around inspection and cockpit familiarization, including preflight procedures, all inspection areas, vents and drains, as well as location and operation of all engine and flight controls.

Dual – in a true dual aircraft

And only Thrush offers a true purpose-built training aircraft – the Thrush 510P with dual cockpits. It provides crop dusting students an unmatched training experience that’s safe and efficient, and one that builds confidence and real-world experience quicker than any other trainer.