more fight for firefighters.

The arsenal of aerial attack weapons for firefighters just got larger – and better. The Thrush 510G Switchback is FAA Certified – and soon it will be joined by the new 710P Fire Bird – the newest, most advanced firefighting aircraft in the industry. The Fire Bird features an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated fire gate and—unlike other SEAT aircraft, a separate, mechanically actuated jettison system for added pilot safety. Best of all, it’s a Thrush. Which means it’s designed to climb faster, handle better, work harder and get you home safely each night. Because we believe whether you’re spraying row crops or battling wildfires, you deserve an aircraft that fights as hard as you do.

For more information of the new 710P Fire Bird, or the new 510G Switchback, and how they can help you join the fire fight, contact Mark McDonald at Thrush Aircraft (229) 789-0467 or